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Frank Pereira

Frank is a self-taught artist, professional actor, traveler, adventurer, cactus gardener, painter, sculptor, props designer and general creator of artworks using alternative materials to create beauty from ashes. He is a native of Potchefstroom, South Africa, a BA Speech and Theatre graduate from North-West University (NWU) and a former provincial rugby player. He has just returned to South Africa after having lived abroad for the past 17 years, in Taiwan, New York and most recently, Thailand.

Frank is precognitive in his approach to any project. To him, planning is an intuitive and slightly mysterious business. He relies heavily on images sensed in his mind’s eye. His first impressions are extraordinary in that they are extra-sensory and accurate. Pereira describes these impression as internal pictures, glimpses or parts of the whole. They are sometimes a clue to a bigger picture but rarely are they complete. According to Frank, he is not really in control of this process and often doesn’t understand these counter-intuitive flashes. To, him, the challenge lies in bringing that internal image into this realm. He attempts to follow these internal guidelines wholeheartedly, even though they are often contrary to common sense. Once he feels that he has something concrete and tangible, he lets that serve him as a guide. Regardless of the medium, no line, scratch, smudge, brushstroke or smear is superfluous. Everything must be included or at least given a chance to present itself in Pereira’s inventive realities. To paraphrase Paul Klee, Frank takes the line for a walk.

Rossow Modern Art Gallery – 2017 – Hermanus, South Africa
A selection of works are currently on display at this respected gallery

Ekfrasis exhibition – 2014 – Potchefstroom, South Africa
An ekphrastic exhibition of around 70 artworks created after the oeuvre of celebrated, beloved and award-winning poet, T. T. Cloete

Bacon on Bree – 2016 – Cape Town, South Africa
Exhibited 25 artworks of from the Ekfrasis exhibition

Nomad Bistro Fusion – 2016 – Cape Town, South Africa
Exhibited 17 works from the Ekfrasis exhibition

Vietnamese and More – 2016 – Bangkok, Thailand
Exhibited a selection of gicleé prints

Cover artwork for Onversadig (2011) poetry anthology by T. T. Cloete – Tafelberg
Cover artwork for Bonemeal (2013) poetry anthology by Cameron Conaway – Finishing Line Press
Cover artwork for Karnaval en Lent (2014) poetry anthology by T. T. Cloete – Tafelberg